About Stoke

Following a personal tragedy and the impending loss of her job, struggling Los Angeles litigator Jane (Caitlin Holcombe) makes a spontaneous trip to Hawaii Island to visit an active volcano. Upon arrival, she enlists the help of two locals (Ka’uhane Lopes, Randall Galius Jr.) pretending to run an adventure tour company, and the trio embark on a cross-island road trip as weird and wild as Hawaii itself. Partially shot in front of the 2017 Hawaii island “lava hose,” Stoke tells a different kind of story about tourism on Hawaii island, which draws visitors from all around the world who hope to be moved by the presence of the Kilauea volcano.


Jane – Caitlin Holcombe
Pohaku – Randall Galius JR
Dusty – Ka’uhane Lopes
Kaila – Danielle Zalopany
James – Jordan Turchin
Maggie – Kimee Balmilero
Zenne – Suzenne Seradwyn


Directed by Phillips Payson, Zoe Eisenberg
Written by Zoe Eisenberg
Story by Zoe Eisenberg, Phillips Payson
Produced by Zoe Eisenberg, Jordan Turchin
Edited by Phillips Payson
Cinematographer Taylor Powell


a P&Z film
in association with Larkin Pictures